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There is something special about taking the time with close friends and sisters-in-Christ to be recharged and renewed together in your faith. There is something special about the fellowship that happens at OneLove, where encouragement is given and stories are shared. You have time away from the chaos, distractions and demands of life – to dedicate your attention to soak in God’s Word and edify one another in your daily walk with Him.

We want to help you take all this beyond just what happens on the day. Your OneLove Experience Pack will help you do this, on your own and in your group, as you set aside this special time together.

Everyone will receive a Digital OneLove Experience Pack, and the first 800 to register can opt-in to receive a physical pack in the mail!

Your OneLove Experience Pack includes:*

*The physical experience pack is only available to Australian residents, includes physical copies of all the above AND a sweet treat and tea!


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31 October

  • Individual Ticket $59
  • Group Host Ticket $59

    Get a group together and host your own OneLove event! Selecting the group host ticket lets us know that you’re the person to contact with group leader information and resources. As a group leader, you’ll also receive:

    • Program ideas to make the most of your time together.
    • Access to e-resources for leaders as part of our program and to recreate the OneLove experience.
    • Friendly discussion points and resources to lead your group in discussion and reflection during breaktimes or even as part of post-event study.

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If you know someone in need of some hope and strength in this season, why not gift them a day spent filling their tanks with God’s Word and encouragement from fellow Christians?

Here’s how you can send your gift of encouragement:

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Katoomba Christian Convention (KCC) is an interdenominational, not-for-profit, Bible-preaching convention ministry. Our aim is to bring you Bible-preaching events that will encourage and challenge, helping you live out your call to holiness, and deepen your walk with Christ Jesus. We believe the Word is powerful and life-changing, and delivering events to see this happen has been, our main focus for over 115 years.

If you’d like more information and an update on KCC, please visit

An individual ticket is $59 per person, whether you are organising a group, part of a group or watching on your own.


Our conventions remain classed by the Government under the 2sqm rule. This means our capacity at conventions is more than halved. Normally, KCC can fit up to 2,150 people in our auditorium. Under the 2sqm rule we can only fit 700. This means that we are unable to cover the fixed costs of holding an in-person event.

We have applied for exemptions and been unsuccessful. Part of the reason is that because KCC events draw from all over NSW, the authorities view them as a higher risk.

Besides any exemption, our in-person events can still be cancelled at very short notice in the event of a snap lockdown. KCC has long lead times for its events and makes significant payments to suppliers as part of this. We are not in a financial position to risk losing these funds in the event of any last-minute lockdown.

This all means that we need to livestream, so that we can continue the ministry and make it available to people.

Behind the scenes on an online event is a significant project in itself! Regardless of whether it is in-person or online, all our events need to factor in components such as production costs for program elements (such as videos), AV set up, recording venue hire, rehearsals, props, running websites, marketing, honoraria for our guest speakers and bands, merchant fees for ticketing, staff, travel, meals and thank yous for volunteers and committees, and the like.

All of these things go into the final, fantastic event you see on the day — and it is our constant prayer that God will use everything from the preaching and worship, to the testimonies and fellowship, to speak and impact you. We encourage you to consider the time set aside with your fellow brothers or sisters as an investment in your walk with God, your relationships, and in filling your own personal tank — so you can keep running, serving and loving the best you can!

Individual: If you are not part of a group and plan on watching by yourself, the individual ticket is best for you. For example, if there are three people watching in your home, you would purchase 3x individual tickets.

Group Host: If you are purchasing tickets for your group, you will need to purchase a host ticket for yourself and any leaders, plus ensure the rest of your group have purchased individual tickets (or that you have purchased these for them). For example, if you have 2 leaders and 20 people attending, you would purchase 2 host tickets and 20 individual tickets. Purchasing a group host ticket will just help us send you the right information and resources to help you organise the day!

Once you have bought your ticket to the event, you should receive a confirmation email with a receipt for your payment. Please check your spam or junk folders should you not receive this or contact us at

We will also email you details closer to OneLove on how to access the livestream event and other important updates for the day.

Due to the digital format of OneLove 2021, all tickets are non-refundable. Please note that we cannot be responsible for any difficulties accessing the event due to your connection or other device issues.

We appreciate your understanding regarding the necessity of these policies. As a small, non-profit organisation with limited cash flow, we make plans and incur expenses based on the number of people we expect to attend our events. When these numbers change due to cancellations, our plans, budgets and ministry ability are all impacted.

The Fine Print


Due to the digital format of OneLove 2021, all tickets are non-refundable. Please note that we cannot be responsible for any difficulties accessing the event due to your connection or other device issues.

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