Feeling Stuck in Your Faith? Overcome Complacency at OneLove 

By OneLove Staff

Are you feeling stuck in your faith?  

Does what you know about God no longer match how you feel about Him?  

Have the pressures of everyday life caused you to push God and spiritual disciplines to the sidelines? 

Our lives are shaped by routine – from workplaces to home life, from fitness classes to even church services. With this, the beauty of the gospel risks becoming over-familiar, leading to complacency and indifference. Despite our best efforts to reignite the passion we once had, time and time again we find ourselves slipping back into our schedules, where our faith becomes just another part of our daily lives. I wonder if you know this cycle well? 

To help women address this topic, OneLove women’s conference will be exploring the theme, “Overcoming Complacency: How the Joy of the Father Can Reignite Your Devotion”. Guest speaker Blair Linne will open the scriptures to help women pause, reflect, and rediscover the sheer joy of being known and loved by the Father.  

Blair Linne is the author of Finding My Father: How The Gospel Heals The Pain of Fatherlessness. She is a Bible teacher, actress, spoken word artist, and the creator of the podcast GLO with The Gospel Coalition. Blair has toured globally and is known as one of the originators of the Christian Spoken Word genre. Proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ through speaking and spoken word is her passion. She lives in Portland with her husband Shai Linne and their three children. 

Along with powerful preaching, OneLove will inspire you to overcome complacency through worship songs and shared stories. Our prayer is that you’ll leave the conference with a fresh view of what it means to be a child of God and how it shapes everything you do.  

Join us at OneLove this August!

OneLove women’s conference will return on Saturday 24th August at the Hillsong Convention Centre. Tickets are now available from our website: https://onelovewomen.com/register/   

Discounted tickets are also available for full-time students, interstate and regional delegates. More information available from our website: https://onelovewomen.com/register/#prices   

This article was originally published on KCC by Heidi Tai: https://kcc.org.au/news/feeling-stuck-in-your-faith-overcome-complacency-at-onelove

Article by OneLove Staff
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